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Boro Lukajic

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Professional Experience

Over forty five years of world-wide experience related to hydro power, nuclear power and underground structures for transportation, municipal infrastructure and hydraulic water conveying structures. Experience in tunneling under Great Lakes for nuclear generating stations – Darlington-Lake Ontario and Bruce-Lake Huron. Experience in management of low and medium nuclear waste.

Projects in Canada, USA, Latin America and Hong Kong.

Professional Associations

  • Tunnelling Association of Canada; President 1994 – 1998
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario

Honours & Awards

  • Elected a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada in 2000
  • Lifetime Achievement Award; Tunnelling Association of Canada, 2017
  • Participated in several projects that have won national Awards of Excellence from ACEC.

University Lectures

  • Delivered numerous technical lectures at universities in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Central America and Europe.

Professional Employment

  • 1968-1977 – Acres Consulting Engineers (now HATCH), Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • 1977-1993 – Ontario Hydro (Ontario Power Generation)
  • 1993-Present – Independent Consultant (Boro Lukajic and Associates)

Reflections from colleagues

K.Y.Lo, PhD, Professor-University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.“Boro has a long history of contributions to the activities of engineering societies. From the early 1980s, he has been playing leading roles in organizing national and international conferences on tunnelling including the International Tunnelling Association Congress in 1989. As President of the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC), he has enhanced the prominence of TAC on the international stage”.

Garry Stevenson P. Eng. Klohn Crippen Berger, Vancouver, BC “Boro, your professionalism and your candour are examples to every engineer. I want to say that on the jobs we worked together, you have demonstrated to our clients that you go beyond what you had to do in your professional capacity, giving them direction on technical issues as well as developing good relations with our clients. In addition to your experience, your openness, fairness and desire to help are the reasons you are in demand internationally as a tunnelling consultant.”

Robert Pintabona, P.E, Cleveland Ohio, VP Montgomery WatsonMy thoughts and remembrances of Boro: I have to say that Boro has been many things to me over the years…a mentor, a teacher and a friend. I met Boro on the Mill Creek Phase 2 project, Cleveland, Ohio. His introduction to our team allowed us all to professionally grow in new ways. His personality, I found to be diverse and malleable. I do not mean to say Boro is malleable because is anything but.”

Dr. Professor Chack Lee, Academician CAE, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Hong Kong.Boro and I worked closely together at Ontario Hydro, for some 18 years, from the mid-seventies to the early nineties. He was then a Supervising Engineer in charge of all of Hydro’s tunnelling and rock engineering projects. Boro is also an exceptionally affable and warm person whose friendship you would always treasure. He has the magic of turning fellow engineers around him into happy, fun-filled parties of friends, wherever he goes. Hence, it makes a lot of difference whether Boro is there or not. And I dearly miss him because of that. Boro is a born leader and cheerleader. The Tunnelling Association of Canada is indebted to him for the tremendous leadership and great efforts in guiding the organization over the years.”

Charles Vasulka P.E. Director of Engineering and Construction, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, OhioBoro was brought in as a tunnel construction expert by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to provide guidance on the construction of two major tunneling projects. My lasting impression of Boro is his balanced approach to life and our discussions both technical and personal. These discussions always had time for both and a sincere interest in both. Engineering has a large cultural aspect to it and Boro’s approach to engineering and problem solving takes the cultural aspects into account. Boro takes friends as he provides his engineering expertise and he has done so with me.”

Brian Garrod P. Eng. Vice President, Hatch.Boro and I met through Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) in the early eighties. At that time, we founded the Toronto chapter and recall having joint input in organising chapter seminars and workshops. From then on we worked hard to organise several national conferences, including an international tunnelling congress in Toronto in 1989. A few years later, Boro got elected as the President of the TAC (1994-1998). Under his presidency the Association’s membership became strong. I followed Boro as president and he truly was a tough act to follow both in the presidential duties but also in leading the celebrations in the bar. I can remember many evenings in the bar when the conversations progressed away from engineering into solving global warming and other such feats suitable for Boro’s intellect.”

Dr. Raymond Benson, Engineering Consultant, Hydro Power and Tunnels, Vancouver. “Boro and I met in Niagara Falls in 1968, both young civil engineers, having been given a lifetime opportunity to be involved in a worldranked project, which was destined to become the largest in the world – the Churchill Falls Underground Powerhouse. It would consume the formative years of Boro, who was beginning his great adventure in Canada, the country destined to become his lifetime home. Boro took to his new role with vigour, combining his talents in geotechnical engineering with great effectiveness. He became known for his both-feet-first enthusiasm, ready to tackle any field challenge, whether it was in Canada or abroad. Undertaking and completing geotechnical and engineering investigations in the toughest conditions seemed a delight for him, whether it was in the harsh winter weather of the Labrador bush or the jungles of Colombia. This enthusiasm taught many young, budding professionals how to act, and react, when opportunity came knocking. Combined with thorough professionalism, Boro subsequently made a significant impact on hydroelectric engineering with his original firm, Acres International, then subsequently with Ontario Hydro.”

Dr. Kam Tsui Professor, School of Professional and Continued Education of Hong Kong University. “When we first met in 1978 at Ontario Hydro, my instant impression of Boro was: What a dynamic and energetic fellow he is! During the subsequent years I had worked closely with Boro. In meetings large and small, Boro always demonstrated his good engineering sense, resourcefulness and flexibility in solving various types of problems. Above all, his joyful attitude and friendliness made him a natural leader in all the group gatherings. Having worked with Boro on many hydroelectric and nuclear projects I had witnessed Boro’s special talent in solving field and construction problems, such as stopping the large amount of water inflow in the Bruce tunnel, stabilising the rock cliffs at Niagara Falls and devising plans to carry out rock drilling and sampling in difficult situations for the Dam Safety Program, just to name a few cases.”

Marc R. Kritzer P.E. Construction Manager-Northeast Ohio Sewer District, Cleveland. “On a personal note, we shared numerous and long conversations on subjects of people customs, food, sometimes politics and we have visited several major tunnelling projects outside of the United States. We accomplished a great deal in contributing to the underground industry by participating in several conferences and tunnelling committees. Jointly, we published 6 technical papers between 2002 and 2008. Working with Boro has been a total pleasure. It was great hearing his stories about other projects in Canada, and South America. Boro faces life totally open, he talks freely and trusts total strangers on the street. I also enjoy the way he asks questions, just to check that he is making the correct decision. The most important thing that has developed over the years working with Boro, is a very close and dear friendship. I feel like I am part of his extended family.”